August 17, 2008

European Gendarmerie Force: EU Police State

According to a Wikipedia[1] entry:

"The European Gendarmerie Force or EGF was launched by an agreement between five members of the European Union: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. Its purpose was the creation of a European intervention force, which would have militarised police (aka a gendarmerie) functions and be specialized in crisis management. More countries will be allowed to join in the future."

Sounds like the Euro-elite know that the party is coming to an end, and they're getting ready for the coming debacle.

"The EGF is based in Vicenza, in northeastern Italy, and has a core of 800-900 members ready to deploy within 30 days. This includes elements from the French Gendarmerie, the Italian Carabinieri, the Portuguese National Republican Guard, the Dutch Royal Marechaussee and the Spanish Civil Guard. An additional 2,300 reinforcements will be available in standby."


[1] The powers-that-be have done a good job of undermining the credibility of Wikipedia by seizing on the fact that, true enough, not everything posted to Wikipedia is fact-checked. But isn't it convenient for them to dismiss what otherwise is an excellent starting point for free investigation?

There was a Eurogendfor website: but it doesn't seem to work at the time I write this post.


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