August 20, 2008

McCain "Experience" does not equal "Competence"

Recent analysis suggests that McCain's campaign helped give Georgia a false sense of US support for their initial attack on South Osetia. McCain's top foreign policy adviser, Randall Scheunemann, is said to still be a registered lobbyist for Georgia. Combined with State Department Secretary claims that the US will "fight" for Georgia, the McCain presidential campaign posture and bellicose rhetoric helped nudge Georgia into it's aggressive action.

Now what? Some want to argue, as if they are more clever than most, that "This little crisis in Georgia is designed to pin Russia down so the US can take action in Iran without Russian interference." Perhaps it is. But more likely, it is further evidence of how things can begin to unravel when incompetent, arrogant militarists, like Bush and McCain, are given power. It should give pause when we hear historians reference the similarity between this little crisis and the little crisis in Sarajevo that unraveled into World War I.

It seems that McCain's campaign has unwittingly played a role in the unraveling that is taking place in the Caucuses. That's a major foreign affairs blunder to which McCain has contributed. It is ever more clear that McCain's claimed "foreign policy experience" isn't the same thing as "foreign policy competence."

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