October 7, 2006

Lebanon: Village Damage by District

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"Lebanon is divided into six governorates, which are further subdivided into 25 districts. The districts themselves are also divided into several municipalities, each enclosing a group of cities or villages." (Wikipedia) All the governorates and their respective districts are listed at the end of the report with a map.

There are about 200 villages south of the Latani River (See Map of Southern Lebanon below, which includes Israeli attacks on UN compounds south of the Latani River).

The following is a summary of damage by governorate, district and village. The primary source is the USAID Lebanon Situation Reports (LSR), which often cite other sources. I've tried to provide report dates and Situation Report numbers.

Beirut Governorate

(There are no "districts" in Beirut. Only the city and neighorhoods).

Of 120 damaged buildings surveyed that housed 2000 families, 40 need to be reconstructed. About 6,000 housing units were destroyed and 17,000 damaged. (Preliminary report. (LSR32 Sept. 1).


Water and sewer piplines in major streets of Haret Hreik Municipality sustained significant damage (LSR38 Sept 12).

Nabatiyeh Governorate (Jabal Amel)

Al-Nabatiyé District

50 percent of all structures were destroyed in the villages of Yohmor and Western Zawtar. (LSR26, Aug. 23).

Nabatiye Village: 50 percent of the homes destoryed, numerous unexploded ordinance remain.


Drinking water sources and waste treatment capacity destroyed south of Nabatiye, Marjayoun including Qaliaiaa (often the collection and distribution pipeline systems are damaged). (LSR32 Sept. 1)
Water remains a concern: Villages of Zaoutar Ghariya, Zaoutar Shargiya and Yahmour. (LSR35 Sept. 6)

* Hasbyya

Marji'youn District

50 percent of all buildings destroyed in Markabe Village. (LSR24)

Ghanduriyah village: 90 percent of the homes destroyed. (LSR30)
Houla village: 20 percent of the homes destroyed. (LSR20)
Markaba village: 50 percent of the homes destroyed. (LSR20)
Mays al Jabal village: 30 percent of the homes destroyed. (LSR20)
Qantarah (Cantarah): 50 percent of the homes destroyed. (LSR20)
Talusha village: 15 percent of the homes destroyed. (LSR20)
Tayyababh village: 80 percent of the homes destroyed. (LSR20)


District affected by damage to three major pumping stations.
Khiam, water and sewer networks destroyed (LSR35 Sept. 6)
Marjaba village: Central water tank and pumps damaged, nonfunctinal.
Markaba and Taibe water needs remained as of Sept 8 (LSR38 Sept. 12)
Taibi, Adaisi, Deir Seryan, Kantara, Kfar Kila, Talousse, Rab Tlateen and Markaba, Mais Al Jabal, Blida and Houla water and waste piplines damaged (LSR32 Sept. 1)

A large plume of smoke billows in the town of Khiam, in southern Lebanon, Tuesday, July 25, 2006, after Israeli air raids targeted it. For as sense of scale, note the size at the base of the plume, compared to the houses in front of the plume. An Israeli bombardment hit a UN observer post in the village of Khiam, killing four UN observers. (AP Photo/Lotfallah Daher).

Bint Jbeil District (Bent Jbail, Bint Jubayl)

Ayta As Shaab: 70 percent of the homes and other properties were destroyed or badly damaged. (LSR24)
Bayt Leif: 30 percent of the homes destroyed (LSR21)
Bint Jbeil: 800 properties destroyed, 1,100 significantly damaged. (LSR36)
Borj Qalaouiye: 20 houses destroyed, 80 heavily damaged. (LSR38)
Kafra: 25 percent destroyed (LSR21)
Khiam village: 750 homes destroyed, 1,000 homes heavily damaged, 1,000 lightly damaged.
Majdel Silim: 200 homes destroyed, about 350 damaged out of 700. (LSR36)
Qabrikha: 100 homes destroyed, 75 damaged out of 480. (LSR36)
Soultaniye: Significant damage to houses. (LSR38)

50 to 90 percent of the government and public buildings in 39 villages in the Bent Jbail district destroyed. (LSR 26 Aug. 29)

Affected by damage to three major pumping stations: Villages of Maroun er Ras, Aainata, Qabrikha and Kounine (LSR36 Sept 7)
Majdel Silim: Need water pumps (LSR36)
Soultaniye: Need for water tanks. (LSR38 Sept 12)

Majdel Silim: UXO scattered through the village.

Beqaa Governorate (Bekaa)

Al-Hirmil District (Hermel)
Hermel village had the most significant structural damage in Bekaa.



North Bekaa water supply in need of urgent repairs.

Baalbeck District

Baalbek: 2,000 homes destroyed. (LSR24)
Taibe: Significant damage to houses. (LSR38)


North Bekaa: water supply in need of urgent repairs.
Taibe village: Need for water tanks (LSR38 Sept. 12)

South Governorate

* Tyre (Sur, Sour)

Jabal al Butm village: 50 percent of the homes destroyed. (LSR21 Aug. 16)
Zibquin village: 60 percent destroyed. (LSR21 Aug. 16)


Lack safe water and reliable power: Villages of Deir Qanoun, Qana, Ramadya, Knisse, Henniyeh, and Zibquin. (LSR35 Sept. 6)
Water and sanitation concerns: Villages of Srifa, Maarake (LSR37 Sept. 8)

Beirut Governorate

The Beirut Governorate is not divided into districts and is limited to the city of Beirut.

Nabatiyeh Governorate (Jabal Amel) - 4 districts

* Al-Nabatiyé
* Hasbyya
* Marji'youn
* Bint Jbeil

Beqaa Governorate - 5 districts

* Al-Hirmil (Hermel)
* Baalbeck
* Zahlé
* Western Beqaa (al-Beqaa al-Gharbi)
* Rashyya

North Governorate (al-Shamal) - 7 districts

* Akar
* Tripoli
* Zgharta
* Bshirri
* Batroun
* Koura
* Miniyeh-Danniyeh

Mount Lebanon Governorate (Jabal Lubnan) - 6 districts

* Jbeil
* Kisirwan
* Al-Matn
* Ba'abda
* Alay
* Al-Shouf

South Governorate (al-Janoub) - 3 districts

* Saida
* Tyre (Sur)
* Jezzine

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Lebanon Village Districts, below

Source: USAID Disaster Assistance daily situation reports, which often cite other sources, like the Lebanese government and the United Nations.

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