October 17, 2006

"Kill Bush"

I'm taking a big risk here writing a blog entry with that title. But, note the quotation marks. Actually I didn't say "Kill Bush." I'm just quoting 14 year old Julia Wilson, who recently had a visit from the Secret Service for posting a picture of George Bush with "Kill Bush" scrawled across the top.

Did you know that if you Google "Kill Bush" you'll get 31,600,000 hits? You probably do, since you probably googled "Kill Bush" to find this page. But if not, then you'll be curious to know that there's actually a web URL "www.killbush.net" and that it's in spanish. In addition, the only advertisment that comes up is an eBAY add entitled, you got it, "Kill Bush," claiming that you can buy "anything" on eBay. Now, there's an entry the Secret Service should investigate.

Yes, Michelle Malkin's site comes up #3 as of today if you Google "Kill Bush." OK, and for honesty sake, not all of the 31,600,000 hits are actually about killing George Bush. For example, there's one about "Saddam tried to kill Bush's daddy." And, for you technically correct, if you put quotes around "Kill Bush" to search the exact phrase, the number of entries falls drastically to 265,000. Wow, that's not many. Maybe I WILL get to chat with the Secret Service... naw, probably not.

Finally, if you Google the images for "Kill Bush" you'll find 394 images. You'll also discover that there's a "My Space" web page called "Kill Bush."
My Space "Kill Bush" AND, there are people making money off of the "Kill Bush" slogan... well, they were. They no longer seem to be including this nifty T-Shirt in their collection any more. I guess that makes them collector's items on eBAY... just don't get caught wearing one.

Now, maybe you're not that curious, BUT if you search for the exact phrase "Bill Kush," kinda like like "Buck Fush", the number of hits drops to 923 (now 924 because of this blog post). Now THOSE are the ones the SS should be checking out.... well, maybe not.

OK, so I'm not saying "kill Bush," and probably won't get a visit or even an e-mail from the Secret Service, but I'll let you know if I do. My first reaction to the SS visit to Julia Wilson was, "Doesn't the SS have a better system for setting their priorities? What if everyone decided to post e-mails and web page entries with "Kill Bush" statements as a means of protest."

Other thoughts that entered my head were, "Don't SS agents know that the President, every president, represents the plutocratic class? Why would they take a bullet to protect the wealthy elite? We've got well defined chain of authority if the President dies. It's not like the country is going to melt into a quivering heap if Bush is killed... Cheney runs the country anyway."

* Sigh * The other thought I had, and given the off chance the authorities actually read this stuff, is that we really don't want a police state.... really. It isn't becoming to the image of America to descend into a cloak and dagger society.

Nuf said about killing Bush. He's doing a fine job of it himself.

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