May 23, 2009

3304 Miles, 3304 Pictures

Wouldn't it be cool to rig up a camera to take a picture every mile you drove from NYC to San Francisco of what ever happened to be there? Matt Frondorf did it.

As for automation....

"I would count the miles,” he says. “As soon as the thirty-sixth came, I would change rolls, put the exposed roll in a canister, enter its number on a log sheet, take the next one out of the cooler, and insert it. I got to where I could do all that in less than a minute, while steering with my kneecap.”

It wasn't that rudimentary. You can read more about his set-up if you're curious.

Here's a tiny sampling of Matt's photo journey:

Mile Zero - New York City

Mile 204 - Abbotstown, PA

Mile 454 - Stuberville, WV & OH

Mile 1174 - Missouri Countryside

Mile 1504 - Abilene, KS

Mile 2402 - Cisco, UT

Mile 3304 - San Francisco, CA


Visit the website for a cool mapped photo album or to watch an automated slide show. He's driven several other routes too. American Mile Markers project by Matt Frondorf.


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