May 25, 2009

Enough Cheney Justifications on Torture

Libhom's post of a couple days ago inspired me to amplify his message, and contact the media, which I urge you to do with the handy link below. Here's the message with my revamping:

[Think "Dear Corporate Media Outlet"]

There are a lot of "the people" wondering why corporate media is taking Dick Cheney so seriously on his Torture Justification Tour.

Never mind that interrogation experts agree that torture is an ineffective means of gathering reliable intelligence and counter-productive in the way it undermines our moral high ground.

Never mind that Dick Cheney got himself put in charge of the Bush administration's terrorism task force and was so inept that he didn't hold a meeting until October 2001.

Never mind that Cheney sent our Air Force on highly distracting exercises at the same time when the Bush administration had numerous credible warnings from a variety of countries that Al Qaeda was going to stage terrorist attacks using commercial airplanes.

Sure, we understand "he was the vice president." We understand, controversy helps generate ratings, and corporate media needs to profit to survive. But, we also understand Cheney's credibility on this matter is questionable and his ulterior motives are palpable.

Cheney has had his say on torture. It's no longer news, a phrase we hear from the corporate media when explaining why historical context is often left out when nightly news headlines are broadcast.

You can stop giving Cheney a platform now.

Sincerely, GDAEman

Psssst... Do Something

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libhom said...

Thanks for keeping up the attention on the issue.