May 24, 2009

Top 10 Podcasts by Twitter Followers (March 2008)

Editor's warning... a bit dated, but still intersting.

According to a Brazilian going by Tvindy on Podcast Pickle, these are, or I should say were, the top 10 podcasts as measured by how many twitter followers they have... not sure that's a very good measure, and of course this is as of March 18, 2008 LOL... always gotta check the dates on all things internet.... but FWIW:

1. Leo Laporte 9400 (following 254) Tech Talk
2. Adam Curry 2895 (following 165) MTV Guy, pop culture dude.
3. Kent Nichols 2141 (following 713) Tech Guy... co-creator of
4. Mignon Fogarty 1586 (following 418) Writing tips... You Go!
5. Scott Sigler 1106 (following 825) Horror writer (another writer)
6. Drew Domkus 1067 (following 161) Husband and Wife make it big podcasters!
7. J. C. Hutchins 1064 (following 1040) Thriller Novelist (3rd writer)
8. Mighty Mur 932 (following 614) Mur Lafferty, Writer taking geekdom to a new level (4th writer)
9. Evo Terra 855 (following 153) co-author of Podcasting for Dummies, Techie/writer
10. Rob Walsh 845 (following 749)

The categories for these folks, "writer," "techie," etc. is mostly a reflection of their past or noteworthy accomplishments. Now, they all seem to be exploring the various social networking media out there... in addition to their original shticks.

I could have seen Evo Terra and Mur Lafferty at Balticon, "The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention," which has turned into something of a media tech fair, given the interest in topics, like this workshop by Evo Terra:

Podiobooks: A Novel Way To Listen - Sun 5/24/09 @ 5pm
Exposing new listeners to the serialized audiobook format. You’d be surprised how many don’t know about it.

So, I write a book. Can't fit it into one podcat, or maybe I can, but if not, I spread it out over several podcasts.... kinda like my on-going series on Einstein's Relativity, which started with Episode 12 of GDAE Podcast.


Podcast Pickle, Top 10 Podcasters on Twitter (as measured by # of followers), by Tvindy.



libhom said...

I'm pretty sure Itunes downloads give higher numbers than the Twitter ones do. By the way, I listened to your podcast on the populist right a week or two ago, and I want to blog about the subject of left populism haven't gotten around to it yet.

Left populism is a point of view that deserves a lot more consideration and support, yet I've read a lot of prose on the left against it. I think Michael Moore is the most effective spokesperson for the left I've seen, which explains why he is vilified by the corporate media.

Anyway, this is an area that is ripe for considerable exploration.

GDAEman said...

Libhom, you're a gentleman, a wit, an insightful critic and an intellectual. You pique my interest, tho my brain reels a bit at the thought of untangling the categories of "left."

If we exclude demagogues, my bet is that we would find an amalgamation of left and right who have common views (but get hung up on their isms).

Lets continue to compare notes.

Thanks for checking out GDAE Podcast. It's nice to know my Dad isn't the only listener ;-)