May 12, 2009

What's Good for Israel is Good for Sri Lanka

Sound familiar?

The [hospital] attack came after a weekend of heavy shelling that killed hundreds of civilians trapped in the war zone. The [Sri Lankan] military has denied accusations that it was still shelling the tiny coastal strip under rebel control, which is packed with an estimated 50,000 civilians.

Except in Israel's case the tiny coastal strip (Gaza) had over 1 million civilians and more than just one hospital.

Sound familiar?

Reports of the fighting are difficult to verify because the government bars journalists and aid workers from the war zone.

Sound Familiar?

Rebel spokesman Seevaratnam Puleedevan blamed the attack on the government, and said civilians were fleeing in all directions inside the tiny war zone, seeking safety.

"There's no place to seek shelter or protect themselves," he said.

Meanwhile, the international community stands by watching, allowing these war crimes, and US torture, to proceed with impunity. Sound familiar?

Of course, the Tamil Tigers aren't innocent themselves.... there's always a grain of truth to "justify" government excesses.


Associated Press, Doctor says 49 killed in Sri Lanka hospital attack, May 12, 2009.



libhom said...

One of many things the corporate media leave out is that religion plays a major role in this conflict.

GDAEman said...

Libhom, I confess I didn't know that. Thought it was more of an ethnic minority issue.