January 27, 2008

So Many Blogless Days

The Palestinians continue their people-power revolution, the establishment media look at each other and shrug, the federal reserve Congress and White House take futile acts, and the presidential candidates compete for a job that will be far less relevant than what "the people" choose to do in the months and years ahead.

Meanwhile, I continue to edit an animation video to be entitled "What the Hell is a Corporation?" It's taken from a chapter in Jim Hightower's book "If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates."


Anonymous said...

How 'bout a less formidable demand. Let's start with the basics. Paraphrasing Hightower: "If the gods had meant for us to vote, they would have given us a reliable voting system."

GDAEman said...

Yea, well, there is THAT.

I'll volunteer to hand-count if others will help.