January 16, 2008

Ooops! Pakistani Outpost Liquidated?

A Pakistani outpost was recently overrun. Was the outpost of two-dozen troops liquidated, were prisoners taken or did surviving Pakistani troops switch sides?

The Knight report, er..., reports on January 16, 2008
Inside Pakistan today, there were more side effects of the US-directed military offensive against militants in the country's northwestern provinces when two dozen Pakistani troops turned up missing after rocket-armed Islamic militants overran a military outpost near the Afghan boarder.

Army spokesperson Atar Abass claimed that, "About two hundred militants charged they fort from four sides, and hey broke through the forts walls with rockets."

He also claimed that the army killed forty militants.

The annihilation of an army post is considered a landmark event in military terms. The disaster, which Afghanistan is becoming, is further evidenced by the more widely reported US troop surge reported on by Robert Knight:

President Bush is sending 3,200 more US marines to Afghanistan, ostensibly for training the US-led NATO army of occupation there. The Pentagon claims the deployment is a, "one-time extraordinary measure," but knowlegible observers are saying that the move is in anticipation of a spring offensive by militant Islamic nationalists ... 2,200 of those marines... will indeed comprise a combat unit available for sudden operations in Southern Afghanistan and near the boarder with Pakistan.

So goes the forgotten war in Afghanistan.


The Knight Report, with Robert Knight, January 16, 2008, on Flashpoints Radio.

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