January 3, 2008

The Military's Domestic use of "Future Force"

The war at home. In a report on the role of the Army's "Future Force" enabled by C4SI (command, control, and computers, communications, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance), we find a section on domestic deployment of this force.

Finding 1-1. Homeland security is an important extension of the Army’s historical role of providing military support to civilian authorities. The Army will be called on to assist the lead federal agency, the Department of Homeland Security, in meeting a wide range of demands for consequence management and recovery of public order and critical services.

Finding 1-2. The Army National Guard, given its historical mission and flexibility, geographic dispersion, dual-mission capabilities, and frequent association with local agencies, is the key Army asset to meet homeland security demands and can be augmented as necessary with special capabilities from the Army Reserve and the active Army.

Finding 1-3. There are many similarities between military operations involving allied or coalition forces and operations involving civilian emergency responders.

SOURCE: National Research Council of The National Acadamies (2003), pp. 24, 29, and 31.

It's worth noting that the panel that convened to write the report (below) in which this 2003 report is cited, met in 2003. Consequently, a lot has probably transpired since then.


Army Science and Technology for Homeland Security: Report 2
-- C4ISR (2004)
Board on Army Science and Technology (BAST)

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