November 4, 2008

Early Exit Polls 2008

Early exit polling information released to the public is limited to voter demographics and their general opinions, rather than results of how people voted. This is to avoid influencing the perceptions of voters who vote later in the Western states.

Early Exit Poll Results Favor Obama:
  • It's the Economy Stupid: Six in 10 voters picked the economy as the most important issue facing the nation. Many people associate the economic troubles with the deregulatory ideology of the Republican Party.
  • To Repeat, "It's the Economy": 5 in 6 people are very or somewhat worried the current economic crisis will harm their family's finances over the next year.
  • Health Care: wo-thirds of voters said they're worried about being able to afford the health care. This issue generally breaks in favor of the Democratic Party.
  • New Voters: One in 10 voters said they were voting this year for the first time, and that group was disproportionately young and nonwhite.
  • Survey Under-Estimates? A quarter of new voters said they don't have landline phones at home, only cell phones. Most surveys are conducted by landline phones, suggesting that polls might have under-counted these people who are likely Obama voters, due to age and voter registration efforts by Obama's campaign.
Early results the Might Work Against Obama:
  • White Evangelical Turn-out: One in four voters were white born-again evangelical Christians. It is important to note, however, that Obama is an evangelical and there is a strong tradition of progressive evangelicals who take seriously their stewardship of the Earth.
  • Offshore Drilling: Two-thirds favor drilling for oil offshore in U.S. waters where it is not allowed now.


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