November 14, 2008

Obama: Get Beyond Clintons

The Clintons represent the corporate wing of the Democratic Party. They're the ones who have made windfall profits while driving the economy into the ground: NAFTA, 1996 Telecommunications Act, allowing speculative investment banks to merge with commercial banks (roll-back of the Glass-Stegal Act).

Obama needs to avoid Clinton era people as cabinet members, like Larry Summers being considered for Treasury. We want change, and Hilary Clinton for Secretary of State would represent the status quo.

It is OK to have Clinton era people help with the transition, given their practical experience with the mechanics of how the White House works. There are also any number of ways to benefit from Clinton era people for advice without giving them Cabinet posts. But Obama has to get beyond the Clinton era people if his message of change is to have legitimacy.



libhom said...

You have caught on to what the corporate media don't want us to figure out. The Clintonistas may have resumes that look good, but they did lousy at their jobs.

GDAEman said...

The Clintonistas did a great job from the establishment/corporate perspective, including the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which benefitted.... The Corporate Media!