April 24, 2008

Shareholders Seek Compensation from Tainted Military Analysts

Some General Electric shareholders are questioning whether CNBC should sue for cost recovery from military analysts who knowingly portreyed Pentagon talking points as their own independent views. This misrepresentation has seriously damaged the credibility of the company, as exemplified in this letter to the editor of the Seattle Times.

Shareholders of News Corporation, owner of Fox News, have greater concerns; Fox is being tied to by far the most number of tainted military analysts.



libhom said...

Faux News has been a joke since the beginning.

Personally, I tend to avoid NBC news, and I'm pretty skeptical of MSNBC too.

I'm glad about the shareholder actions, though.

Dusty said...

It's a nice thought for them to do this..but nothing will change. It was propaganda at its finest...or worst, depending on your pov.