May 2, 2008

Bicycle for a Day: Sept20

Take Action: Mark Your Calendar

It's simple. It's like a people's holiday. Tell your friends and family that September 20, 2008 is the day to ride your bike. It's a Saturday. Plan NOT to shop, unless you can do so on bike.

More on this grass roots response to concern about gobal climate change.



Dusty said...

I can no longer ride a bike. My back prevents that type of activity. :(

Rick said...

How about just riding the bike, and forgetting the shopping altogether. Improve your health AND save money.

I got some new digs, too: SMISLT. You'll understand the acronym when you see the site. :-)

GDAEman said...


Funny you should mention the "back." Mine's acting up.

Will stop by Rick. I kinda fell off a cliff into inactivity recently. I DO want to respond to the "Barstool Economics" piece on Scott's site.

Thanks for stop'n by