April 9, 2008

Democrats Have Little Legitimacy

Some people wonder why others, like me, occasionally say there's little difference between Republicans and Democrats. Both parties have been captured by the corporate scourge blanketing the world. Below is an example reported on Democracy Now.

Study: Lawmakers Invest $196M in Pentagon Contractors

A new study shows members of Congress have collectively invested as much $196 million in military companies under contract with the Pentagon. The Center for Responsive Politics says the holdings could pose a conflict of interest for lawmakers deciding on spending for the Iraq war. More Republicans had military investments than Democrats, but Democrats have more money at stake. The highest stakeholder is Democratic Senator John Kerry. Kerry made at least $2.6 million from his investments between 2004 and 2006. He has up to $38 million invested in companies doing business with the Pentagon.

Graphic Credit: RedRainFlies

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