April 14, 2008

Talk'n 'bout Revolution

"Talk'n 'bout Revolution," Tony Karon is.

Most people haven't a clue 'bout the pent up frustration in the world. Most people in the US that is, 'cuz most people are in the group that's frustrated. People are frustrated by an economic system that's been sold as "democracy" and as "the natural order" when it's not.

In the world of corporate capitalism, "democracy" means "one dollar, one vote." In a world where corporate capitalism is divine, the machinery of nations become tools for advancing corporate power and the consolidation of wealth. Free Trade rules are structured to favor transnational corporations, and the small elite group, who clearly stand out in a lesser developed country, like Haiti.

While it's great that Tony Karon, and TIME, have written about boiling frustrations, it's clear that the corporate brainwashing has affected the presentation. Take for instance the following statement by Karon:
Ironically, it may be the very success of capitalism in transforming regions previously restrained by various forms of socialism that has helped create the new crisis.

Maybe Karon is merely waxing philosophical, but examine those words. Corporate capitalism simply cannot be wrong. Karon credits capitalism with removing the "restraints" of socialism.... and leading to this unraveling mess. The mess, "credited" to capitalism, has recently had to be "restrained" to avoid a chain reaction leading to utter economic chaos (the "restraint" came in the form of a US tax-payer backed consolidation of Bear Stearns into JPMorgan Chase.)

We're facing an extreme case of what happens when trickle-down economics is.... er, run into the ground. All the money goes to one side of the hour glass, and it needs to be tipped over so the sand can run the other way. Food riots are one pathetic means of redistributing the sand. It's "pathetic" in the sense that, as a society, humans are still so primative as to allow food riots to occur. They "believe" in corporate capitalism, in part because the mass media message is controlled by corporate capitalism. Only saying the obvious, again.

I could go on, but I won't other than to say that Karon's piece is worth a read.


How Hunger Could Topple Regimes
, April 14, 2008.

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libhom said...

The economy is in a tailspin in part because the rich have stolen the money everyone else uses to buy stuff.