January 24, 2007

Stop the Iran War

OK. We can see this one coming from miles away. I know we're already in a covert war with Iran, but we should be able to stop an overt war with them, right?

Maybe this blog entry should be entitled, "Testing Democracy 1... 2... 3..."

Some day Robert Naiman might be cited as one of many voices that "had it right" about Iran before Bush took us to war there. Hopefully, I'm wrong about this. One way to help ensure that I'm wrong is to step up to our democratic responsibility to stop the Iran war.

Naiman provides two courses of action:

1) Ask your Representative to Co-Sponsor the DeFazio (D) "Iran War Powers" Resolution.

2) Ask your Representative to Co-Sponsor the Jones (R) "Iran War Powers" Resolution.

These resolutions re-affirm that President Bush cannot attack Iran without Congressional authorization.

Here's a LINK that Makes it Easy.

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Here are three important links for future use.

Write the US House of Representatives
Write the US Senate
Write the Major Media Outlets

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