January 6, 2007

The Logic of Hussein's Execution

Brooks Blog points to Comments by Egyptian President Mubarak stating that the manner in which Saddam Hussein was executed made him a martyr.

Not only has Hussein been made a martyr, but he is also the logical "IF," which calls for a "THEN."

IF Hussein is tried and executed for disproportionate use of force in Dujail,

THEN Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should be tried for disproportionate use of force in Lebanon.

THEN US President George W. Bush should be tried for disproportionate use of force in Fallujah.


Denise said...

For me the parallel logic falters in that Hussein's disproportionate use of force, as brought to the courts, was against an internal terrorist organization (Dawa party) and loosely associated civilian citizens. The closest, most recent US example I can think of is Ruby Ridge -- which of course resulted in a trial, acquittal and wrongful death settlement for the defendant/victim -- and an indictment of manslaugher against an FBI sniper that was eventually dismissed.

GDAEman said...

Hmm... Granted, Hussein's action was internal. However, given that the international community gives more leeway on internal matters, and the clear international conventions against disproportionate use of force in war, the case against Bush and Olmert might actually be stronger than the case against Hussein.

Ruby Ridge is a good example of your point. Thanks.