January 17, 2007

Domestic Spying: A Common Cause for Liberals and Conservatives

Here's an issue that can help bring conservatives and liberals together; the FISA Court giving the green light for domestic spying. I'll confess that I've not looked deeply into the reports and blog-responses. My point is that conservatives and liberals can, and should, coalesse on issues like this and go on the offensive. A good example of this is progressive groups working with the Christian Coalition and gun rights organizations on media reform issues, like striving to protect equal access to the Internet (network neutrality).

My greater concern is that we are entering a phase of fascist tendancies in this country. This has been expounded on by people like former Nixon Counsel John Dean in his book "Conservatives Without Conscience." I like to preserve the word "conservatives" for people who are honestly conservative. The more appropriate word for where Bush is taking the Country is to the right. "Right wing" means power in the hands of the few, whereas "Left Wing" means power distributed among the many (i.e., little "d" democratic).

Language aside, the concern is that the FISA Court seems to be giving more power to what is already an "Imperial Presidency." That's John Dean's phrase. A phrase used by Paul Krugman, Princeton Economist, is Revolutionary Power. That's not Krugman's term. He cites it from Henry Kissenger's PhD thesis. I urge everyone to click on that link and read what Krugman wrote... that is, if you want to experience chills, and understand why it is imperative for honest conservatives and liberals and radical lefties to coalesse and go on the offensive.

John Dean is a conservative. In addition to that perspective, he has many years behind him and has worked at the center of power. He knows that the public needs to stand up and challenge the frightening trends of this president and the people who surround him.

A former director of the Brazilian Mint, who lived through the US-backed coup and dictatorship gave me some sage advice when Bush entered office. He said, "It's a lot easier to prevent a dictatorship than to remove one." That's a call to action around which honest conservatives and liberals must rally.

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Quipper said...

I don't know the details either, but the general headline causes me to squirm.