November 12, 2006

List of US Corporations with Offshore Tax-Havens

25 Fortune 500 Corporations With the Most Offshore Tax-Haven Subsidiaries

El Paso (2002)
AES (2002)
Morgan Stanley (2003) (was Dean Witter)
Citigroup (2003) (was Traveler's Group)
Aon (2002)
Marsh & McLennan (2002)
Mirant (2002) (Southern was the parent company/
Halliburton (2002)
Bank of America Corp. (2003)
Marriott International (2003)
BellSouth (2003)
Boeing (2003)
Williams (2002)
Pfizer (2002)
PepsiCo (2003)
Viacom (2002)
Interpublic Group (2002)
J.P. Morgan Chase (2003) (was Chase Manhattan)
Fluor (2002)
Sara Lee (2002)
American Express (2002)
Lehman Brothers Holdings (2003)
Xerox (2002)
Prudential Financial (2003)
Enron (2001)

Note: Enron is no longer a member of the Fortune 500. Below are their numbers from 2001. These numbers do not include many Special Purpose Entities (SPE's) Enron did not report to the SEC.

Data compiled by Citizen Works from corporate 10-K's. For more information, please Details See:Web LINK

Countries considered to be tax havens include: Aguilla Andorra Antigua Bahrain Barbados Belize Bermuda British Virgin Islands Canary Islands Cayman Islands Channel Islands Commonwealth of Bahamas Commonwealth of Dominica Cook Island Gibraltar Grenada Guernesey Isle of Man Jersey Liberia Liechtenstein, The Principality of Maldives, The Republic of Marshall Islands, The Republic of Mauritius Monaco, The Principality of Montserrat Nauru, The Republic of Netherlands Antilles Niue Panama Samoa Seychelles, The Republic of St. Christopher and Nevis St. Lucia St. Vincent Tonga Turks and Caicos US Virgin Islands Vanuatu, The Republic of

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I printed out this list. It is showcased on my fridge. I will never again do business with these corporations.