November 18, 2006

Gaza Human Shield

While Yahoo News is highlighting OJ Simpson, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, and Foley crying at his father's funeral, "real" news from the Gaza strip is being pushed off their list of headlines.

The Isreali Army calls the homes where militants or their families live and warn them that an air strike is about to happen. Israel's form of benevolence. This time, the recipiant of the phone call pulled a page from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s play book. He urged hundreds of relatives and supporters to gather at his house, and on his roof. As they chanted anti-US and Israelis slogans, the Isreali's called off the air strike. "An Israeli military spokesman confirmed to Reuters news agency that the raid had been called off because of the Palestinian action," according to a BBC Story.

How much do you wanna bet the Israeli's will be back to destroy this house?

Reuters, November 19, 2006, by Nidal al-Mughrabi

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