November 8, 2006

Do the Democrats Have Cajones?

If the news is correct on Democratic control of both the House and Senate, we will soon learn whether or not the Democrats have the cajones to "get the job done." If they cannot, then the public should look long and hard at third-party candidates, and I'll tell you why.

The little secret is out. The corporate form of business charter has become a human-created monster that must be brought back under control. Like witches spells, which work only on people who believe in witches, the powerful spell of corporations will wither when people stop believing in them. So, where does this leave us with the Democratic Party?

The Democratic party must slay to "corporate beast." It must form a new type of commercial charter that requires more responsibility to protect the rights of humans. These new commercial beasties (smaller beasts) must protect our global life support system (the environment). They must have fewer constitutional rights [1]. It is a bold thing to do, but must be done. The question is by who?

The Democratic Party has been handed a golden opportunity. By shifting to an authentic populist position, they will be able to ride the power of democracy for decades. What are some specifics?

By addressing the basic power of corporations, we will regain control of our election process so that it reflects the interests of the people. Similarly, the public airwaves and right-of-ways will come back under public control thereby improving the integrity of mass media outlets. Disparity in wealth will be moderated with the social benefits inherent in that type of balance.

If the Democrates don't have the cajones, and the Republicans are discredited, the Green Party is standing in the wings.


[1] In the the late 1980s, a National science advisory board chartered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranked the most important enviromental issues. Despite public opinion identifying hazardous waste sites as a top concern, the the advisory board's greatest concern was global-scale collapses of our environmental integrity. While improbable, the consequences would be catostrophic, with the possability of human extinction.

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Wes said...

It will require cajones indeed to take on the corporate beasts. Let's hope at least a few of the new democrats see the problem and do something.