November 9, 2006

Democratic Plan

It rolls off the tounge so easily: "... but the Democrats have no plan." It sounds good, and believable. I'm sure Rush is hammering on the theme. But he'd be wrong.... again. They do have near-term plans.

Democratic Goals

Quickly adopt legislation to enact recommendations of the 9/11 Commission,

Reduce dependence on foreign oil, creating a new domestic industry in conservation technologies (read "jobs"),

Expand stem cell research in an ethical way, creating cures (hopefully in my lifetime) and a new domesic industry (read "jobs"), and

Reduce the price of drugs offered through Medicare. (read "Robin Hood: Taking from the rich and giving to the poor.")

I would add "take affirmative action to preserve network neutrality for the Internet," otherwise the rules will default to new charges for the fast-lane of the Internet.

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