September 7, 2006

Take it to a Higer Level

It's a very simple message in these times of a coming debacle of the crumbling plutocratic rule. People around the World know the King has no clothes. It's a moment in history when freedom loving people need find the inner discipline to take it to a higher level of commitment to civics in their own setting.

In Mexico, it appears another election was stolen (closer this time). The legitimacy of the governing institusions are in question. There is talk of a parallel government.

In the US, it appears a couple elections were stolen. The governing institutions have lost their legitimacy: The Congress is controlled by the extreme wing of the Republican Party, and Democrats are jsut as beholden to monied interests in order to be competative in an electoral system that generates huge profits for media conglomerates that charge monopoly rates for political advertizements. The US Supreme Court says this is all "constitutional" and trying to fix the obvious problem is "unconstitutional." The executive branch is above the law.

In New Orleans, some people in public housing were displaced even though their homes were not flooded. They have since been locked out of their homes so that a small number of people can cash in on the high-priced real estate.

And the farce in Lebanon. "Israel was acting in self-defense." Are we to believe this?

With the plutocratic system delegitimized, what are the people to do? Take it to a Higher Level.

A Strategy:

This strategy has three prongs, and is intentionally generic:

1) Address the issues of the Day: Each community faces urgent crises that must be addressed, such as proposed corporate plans that will bring immediate harm to people. Some time must be invested in addressing these issues.

2) Address Mult-generational Struggles: Slavery didn't end until the end of the civil war in about 1865. People were struggling to end slavery in 1810, 1820 decades before major changes came about. We face a similar struggle today against consolidated power, often stored in the form of corporations controlled by the plutocracy. Some time must be invested in this multi-generational struggle to revoke constitutional "rights" from corporations.

3) Identify New Social Structures: It isn't sufficient to simply criticize the current system. Workable alternatives need to be developed and implemented.

It is within this strategic framework that the common people need to take their civic duties to a higher level.

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