March 6, 2011

Send Clarence Thomas Packing: Step 3

Impeach Clarence Thomas

3rd Step: Contact US House of Representatives, the people's house. Ask for an investigation of Clarence Thomas. It won't happen soon, but it's our obligation to raise the issue (the right wing always does!).

Some of the issues regarding Clarence Thomas: Throw Clarence Thomas Off the Bench

My Message to Congress:

A complaint has been filed with the Missouri Bar Association to investigate Judge Clarence Thomas for allegations regarding his taxes. Given other widely publicized partisan activities by Mr. Thomas, the association is being asked to measure the weight of broader evidence relative to rules of conduct for a lawyer.

I would like Congress to consider it's own investigation. Please add me to an interest e-mail list for people following your future investigations into this matter.

The Missouri Bar contact information follows:
ph: 537 635 4281
fax: 573 635 2811

For Your Convenience:
Step 3.5, Twitter links to the Three Steps of Action:

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