March 4, 2011

Ousting Clarence Thomas: Step 1

Impeach Clarence Thomas

1st Step: Contact Missouri Bar Association.

Support a complaint that has been filed with the MO Bar mentioned in this piece: Throw Clarence Thomas Off the Bench
ph: 537 635 4281
fax: 573 635 2811

Step 1.5, Twitter this link:

My Message:

I support the complaint filed with your association to investigation of Judge Clarence Thomas for allegations regarding his taxes. Given other widely publicized partisan activities by Mr. Thomas, the association has a solemn responsibility to relax the boundaries of its investigations. The Missouri bar must measure the weight of the broader evidence relative to rules of conduct for a lawyer, rules that should be more closely scrutinized for an exemplary member of society like a supreme court justice.

Thank you for considering this matter. I would like to be added to an interest e-mail list for people interested in following your future decisions and actions on this matter.


I received the following Reply from the Missouri Bar Assn:

"You need to contact the Commission of Retirement, Removal & Discipline of Judges, here is that telephone number 314-966-1007."

Not sure they can remove this judge!

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