March 17, 2010

When Frat Boys Rule

A Texan cringes at her college son's contemplation of joining a fraternity. She ponders the history of past frat boys who work their way into the system, in her example,

In my mind, some of those assholes are very likely among the smug bastards sitting on the education commission dictating standards for Texas' text books. They were all particularly jolly when Ronald Reagan came to power - them in their Izods and Topsiders.

She takes some solace in her mother's motherly advice:

"give them enough rope."

True enough, I think.

We gave the pledge bros, who ended up on Wall Street, "enough rope," they drilled the economy into the ground, we bailed them out, and they still continue to spew worn out mantras about "less regulation," "lower taxes," and, get this, "free market"... and the pledge brothers and sisters who ended up as celebrity talking heads on the TV machine blather on in the same way.

But as the high school popularity contest, or should I say "college" popularity contest, has worked its way into the upper echelons of society, I had to wonder:

Lots of rope out there, but I'm not so sure the fraternity pledge-crowd isn't using it on us.


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libhom said...

I'm still waiting for the Wall St. crooks to be prosecuted. I'll be waiting for a long time.

Mark Prime said...

When I was in college I knew quite a few fraternity brothers, my brother-in-law being one of them. I knew many of them as just asshole(s) and a good number of them as good people, a few in the "herd" were damn good guys (including my brother-in-law)... the others (that I knew) were pricks through and through. I suppose it is like they say, you can't judge a book by the cover and you can't judge all frat boys as the assholes they appear to be.