March 7, 2010

GDAE Podcast - Episode 28

What Motivates Political Action?
  • Corporate Power: Supreme Court sides with Coal Mine Profits over People.
  • Prosecute Bush: The Chilcot Inquiry into Britain's role in the Iraq war, a window into a US inquiry.
  • MUSIC: Francisco Herrera mixed with poetry, "Casas de Carton"...
  • The Psychology of Motivating Action: Is "more" always better? Research suggests that isn't the case.
  • Experimental psychology: The Gaza Strip test case.
  • Hope: A key ingredient in a person's decision to join a cause.

Sighted First Robin of the Season Today



libhom said...

Here's another one.

The realization that if you don't get politically active, you will lose your financial well being or personal safety.

GDAEman said...

and you set a good example. Thanks!