March 21, 2010

High Drama in DC

It's amazing that the healthcare bill, which I'd say doesn't qualify as real "reform," is certainly competing for attention with the NCAA Basketball madness.

It's a difficult calculus. The right-wing, corporate-funded propaganda machine has had an effect. The Obama administration, and Congressman Dennis Kucinich, have felt the effect; "failure" to pass "something," with the potential of loosing the Presidency to the paranoid right wing, was weighing on Kucinich when he decided to vote "yes." I'm guessing he imagined the Sarah Palin wing of the Republican Party taking control if Obama "failed" to pass healthcare and he got scared... can't say I blame hem.

The positives: No more denial of coverage for existing conditions, no more dropping people, parents can keep their kids on their insurance until age 26.

The negatives: YOU MUST BUY HEALTH INSURANCE! YOU MUST give your money to evil health insurance corporations that, with their consolidated wealth, will further entrench their power over Congress and our democracy in the years to come.

*Shrug*? I think we should keep pushing for Alan Grayson's option for anyone who wants to be able to buy Medicare at cost.

Now. Lets turn our attention to reforming the US Senate starting with the frigg'n filibuster.


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libhom said...

There are other negatives. The fines for people who can't afford insurance will give the HMOs and health insurance companies the chance to dramatically raise premiums. Medicare is being cut back severely, and abortion is being subject to unconscionable restrictions. I could go on, but I'm a bit warn out at the moment.