September 30, 2009

Karzai and Diem and Election Fraud

Thanks to Ten Percent Blog for steering me to some statistics on the vote fraud in Afghanistan (about 25% of the votes cast for Karzai are questionable). More on the election fraud.

It's really bad if Iran does it. We have to be pragmatic if Afghanistan does it. And the US doesn't do it (wink).

A senior UN official, Peter Galbraith, has been pulled out of Afghanistan after making too much noise about a full recount... I guess the establishment didn't want a recount. Ten Percent also provided a link to the BBC Reporting on the demise of Galbratih.

Karzai has probably studied history ... and knows that the US's puppet in Vietnam, Diem, ended up in a pool of his own blood. With the risks involved, it's no wonder Karzai is seeking to enrich himself through corruption. He just needs to know when to pull out of the game.

Looks like I'm not the only one thinking this nor is it new.


Ten Percent Blog, Stopwar Blog


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libhom said...

Excellent parallels you've pointed out. Karzai and Diem also have election fraud in common with Bush and Cheney.