September 3, 2009

Beating the Drum on Bush Prosecution

It's encouraging to see Antemedus beating the drum on seeking the investigation and criminal prosecution of Bush administration officials. I feel strongly about this because failure to prosecute the crimes of high officials creates a sense of impunity that unravels the fabric of civil society.

For that reason, I beat the drum on the prosecution of Bush administration officials in every episode of my GDAE Podcast. As I've done so, I've noticed a growing level of activity on the subject. This is a hopeful sign, because there truly is power in numbers.

Below is a rough transcript of the drum beat in Episode 17 of GDAE Podcast:

The increase in the volume of emails the I'm receiving on the prosecution of Bush and other for serious crimes is increasing, with titles like "Criminal Prosecution and Accountability," "Bush Tortured," "50 Top war criminals who need to be prosecuted," and "Holder Warned that Limited Investigation and Selective Prosecution would Violate the Law."

This last email explains that the Convention Against Torture (CAT), signed by President Reagan, requires him to investigate and hold accountable all those involved in torture. A letter signed by 150 organizations has been sent to Attorney General Holder. The Justice Department's credibility, and thus its legitimacy, is on the line. The list goes on, and the momentum builds....


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