September 21, 2009

Honduras Counter Coup by The People and Zelaya

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice" and the people of Honduras are bending it despite totalitarian coup leaders and golpistas.

Old news by now, with the coup leader communications blackout hopefully outflanked, "President Zelaya Has Returned to Honduras" reports Al Giordano on The Field Blog. Read more and smile.

At about 1:00pm local time, TeleSur broadcast that The Spaniard news agency EFE reports that President Zelaya was in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, sovereign territory that is off limits to the coup regime. Zelaya says he is there to seek dialogue.

President Zelaya and his Cabinet
in the Brazilian Embassy, Tegucigalpa.

According to the Field Blog, The US State Department said today:

Of course, we believe that he’s the democratic – democratically elected and constitutional leader of Honduras.


Narco News

Thanks to Ten Percent Blog for tipping me off to this story.



Limo said...

I think he is a constitutional leader and thatswhy he deserve respect and honor as others do

libhom said...

One disturbing aspect of this story is the right's support of the coup and their hinting (or overt advocacy) for a coup here in the US.

GDAEman said...

Fortunately, the Organization of American States members, even Columbia, are standing firm against the coup's dangerous precedent... they don't want to go back to the bad-old-days.