February 13, 2009

Thoughts at end of Quiet Week

My blog has been silent this week. But here are my thoughts....

The Godless Liberal Homo blog has continued to provide convenient ways for us to raise our voices in unity. One topic on which I raised my voice was to support Rep. John Conyers' single payer healthcare bill, medicare for all is what it should be called.... H.R. 676. Plenty of time to Contact your Rep in the House of Representatives.

I continue, and will continue, to raise my voice, and urge others to raise theirs, via the GDAE Podcast. You can listen to it directly on your computer by going to the previously highlighted link. You can also subscribe using the links in the right hand column of this page.

The issue of "subscribing" to a podcast is also on my mind, because many people are still just learning How to Subscribe to a Podcast. The "how to" link includes links to "iTunes" & "Juice" podcatching software, both available for free, both work on macs and PCs. BUT, if you use "My Yahoo" or similar pages tailored to feed you particular news, sports, entertainment or other information, you're already "subscribing" when you "Add Content." Click on "Add RSS Feed" and past in the URL I've provided just below. You can then listen to the podcast right from your "My Yahoo" page without downloading anything.

Back to using Juice, or iTunes.... The "how to" refers to podcast RSS feeds. Here's mine:

If you have iTunes or similar software, an easy way for you to subscribe now is to click on the "Subscribe..." button over there to the right.

To give you some comfort, the "how to" instructions say the podcasts are "automatically downloaded to your computer." You have the option of NOT having the podcatcher automatically download podcasts... I've got mine set so I'm in control... I click "refresh" to download the newest episodes of my favorite podcasts .... It's not a big deal... you can always delete podcasts you no longer want on your computer. Tho if you're using an old modem for your internet access, which takes a long time to download things, it might be time to think about upgrading.

I could certainly go on with my thoughts for the week, but will leave it there.


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