February 28, 2009

The Financial Crisis is Exposing the US Elite

We don't usually turn our attention to that small number of very wealthy Americans who constitute our modern-day aristocracy... probably because we've been beaten down by admonishments for threatening class warefare. Well, the war is on.

The economic crisis is dumping an uncomfortable question on our collective laps: Who is going to take the losses? That question will pit classes against each other. A related topic is whether we can overcome the banking power structure to inact solutions to the financial industry crisis that will further weaken the banking families' power. This subject is a feature of Episode 7 of GDAE Podcast.

Psssst... Do Something


libhom said...

What? There are classes here in the good ole USA? You must be one of them pinko commies.

Anonymous said...

GDAEman, How you been? Still at I see..me too. Well I can tell you that one who makes well over 250,000 a year will absorb the losses allot better than the small working guy in the trenches.
Remember there is no middle class anymore, only RICH and poor.And the poor have been used as an ATM machine long enough. Take care!