February 11, 2009

RNC Chair Michael Steele's Voice "unimportant"

Michael Steele, former Lt. Governor of Maryland and newly appointed chair of the Republican National Committee, has egg on his face. In discussing Obama's stimulus package on Democracy Now, James Galbraith, economist and professor of public affairs and government at the University of Texas, dismisses the wacky verbiage of Michael Steele.

AMY GOODMAN: Professor Galbraith, what do you make of the new RNC chair, Michael Steele, saying these aren’t jobs, they’re simply work?

JAMES GALBRAITH: Well, it’s interesting that this semantic philosopher has taken over the Republican National Committee. It’s going to lead to some exceptionally—historians will have fun with the logic chopping and sentence parsing that we’re going to get from Mr. Steele, obviously, during his tenure. But otherwise, it’s unimportant.

Steele supposedly coined the slogan "drill baby drill." It's said that when a political party is initially discredited, like the Republican Party is today, most of the moderate members run for cover. This leaves a vacuum for the fringe elements, like Michael Steele and Sarah Palin, to take center stage. As media studies professor Susan Douglass recently said about Sarah Palin, following her is like watching a train wreck over and over, which can be entertaining if you enjoy the surreal.


Democracy Now, Economist James Galbraith: Bailed-Out Banks Should Be Declared Insolvent, February 10, 2009.


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