September 1, 2008

Will Karl Rove be Brought Down by Ohio?

With new documentary evidence in hand, a new federal civil lawsuit has been filed Ohio election attorneys, Cliff Arnebeck, Bob Fitrakis and Henry Eckhart. They will use the discover process take depositions from Rove’s computer consultant Michael Connell, Karl Rove, Michael Connell, Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Bob Ney, Brett Rapp, Ken Blackwell and others. The information gathered will be shared with state and federal authorities for criminal prosecution.

Republican computer consultant Stephen Spoonamore is blowing the whistle. He has stated publicly that the leadership of the GOP has been "lying and stealing elections."

Much more could be said, and you can dig into it at The Velvet Revolution Web Site, but right now we need ACTION. This legal effort needs funding in anticipation of major retaliation by the Rove machine. Make a Secure Donation to prosecute Karl Rove.


The Velvet Revolution Web Site.


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