September 24, 2008

McCain: Evidence He is Whacko

Many of us have had the following experience. We have a series of exchanges with a person in which the communication seemed very clear and we felt like we were on the same page. Then, the person later does something, or fails to do something, that shocks us, making you think, "Whoa. What the heck? Is this person nuts?" or "WTF?"

Here's such an exchange between Obama and McCain:

  • On Tuesday night Obama received a phone message from Republican Sen. Tom Coburn who suggested that Obama and McCain make a joint statement outlining their shared principles on the financial crisis.
  • On Wednesday morning, after conferring with aides, Obama placed a call to McCain to run the idea by him and left a message.
  • At about 2:30 p.m., Obama received a return call from McCain, which lasted about five minutes. They discussed the joint statement idea and exchanged contact information so their campaign aides could follow up.
  • On that call McCain also raised the idea of suspending his campaign and delaying the debate. Obama said he didn't rule out either option, but told McCain he wanted to see how events unfolded and suggested the candidates first address the immediate priority of speaking with one voice before Bush's address.
  • About 20 minutes later, McCain publicly announced his proposal to delay this Friday's debate.
  • Obama's jaw drops. He stammers and thinks, "Whoa. What the heck? Does McCain have a screw loose?"
  • When pressed by reporters Obama'a aides refused to accuse McCain of bad faith. "No, John's just a little Whacko sometimes."


Washington Post, Obama: Debate Should Go On, Shailagh Murray, September 24, 2008.



libhom said...

It's so funny that "Keating Five" McCain decided to participate in the debate after all. He is flailing now.

GDAEman said...

McCain is starting to sound like Hillary when she was getting desperate at the end of the primaries.