September 22, 2008

LIes: Now We See Them

Remember all of the lies about our fundamentally healthy economy? Some of us saw past them.

Now, they continue to tell lies. In this case, regarding our wars:

State Department spokesman Robert Wood said the attack [on the Marriott Hotel in Pakistan] showed the need for Pakistanis, Afghans and the U.S. to redouble efforts against extremists in the region.

"This was a heinous act that was committed by terrorists who have no interest in anything other than maiming and killing innocent civilians. And we're going to step up our efforts and work with the Pakistanis to do what we can," he said.

Not True. The "terrorists" have many stated interests other than "maiming and killing innocent civilians." Unless we can get past these kind of establishment lies repeated by the establishment media our "nation" risks traditional-security collapse on the same level as the on-going economic collapse (not just a "financial" collapse).

Wake-Up America.


Photo Credit: Bloody Media Lies

Associated Press, Did Pakistan soldiers shoot at US helicopters? CHRIS BRUMMITT, September 22, 2008.


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