July 8, 2008

The Men and Women behind Mann

File this one under "How the World Really Works." Thanks to Ten Percent blog for his commentary on the latest regarding the Equatorial Guinea - Sir Mark Thatcher corruption case, including its implications for more prosecutions:

Suffice to say a lot of powerful people, corporations and institutions are implicated here as their way of doing business is exposed.

That's because Simon Mann is talking and pointing the finger, assuming this isn't part of a cover:

Mann told the court that he took Thatcher to the Chelsea home of Ely Calil, the Lebanese businessman who is alleged by the government of Equatorial Guinea to have been the main financier of the plot. He named the management board as Calil, himself, a London property developer, Thatcher and a Lebanese colleague of Calil who lives in Beirut.

But there's more....

Mann said the plotters had rushed to try to carry out the coup before March 14, 2004, the date of a general election in Spain which they feared would unseat the centre-right government.

“Everything was in … a big hurry, because we had this date of March 14, the Spanish election, which was coming closer and closer,” Mann said.

Mann said Calil had told him the coup plotters had been promised immediate diplomatic recognition by Aznar’s administration if they succeeded in replacing Obiang with Equatorial Guinea opposition figure Severo Moto. Spain had also promised to send a contingent of Civil Guards, according to Calil, Mann said.

And the US didn't know anything about it. Yea Right.

Read more from the Telegraph
, March, 2008.


The Guardian, Simon Mann gets 34 years in Equatorial Guinea jail
, David Pallister, James Sturcke, July 7, 2008.



Worried American said...

It is too bad that more insiders do not have the guts to expose the sneaky doings of government and other orgs. It will probably get buried.

GDAEman said...

Just trying to do my little part that it not be completely buried.

As I've been reading Vincent Bugliosi's "Prosecution of Bush for Murder" I realize that many insiders have spoken out... often too late, but the truth is 'out there' for anyone who's interested enough.