July 1, 2008

Cal Fires Website an Arnold Schwarzenegger Promo Piece

While trying to locate the California fires I worked my way to the NASA web site. It led me to a federal government site with a link to the California main site. Upon reaching the CA web site I was struck by the numerous images of AWNODE. Then I noticed that, rather than links to help for people dealing with the fires, the content was just a bunch of statistics on the State's investment in fighting the fires.... a promo piece.

The federal link to the California web page describes it as California's fire page offers numerous resources, including disaster assistance information, a list of shelters, a current map of the affected areas, and more. That's not what I saw when I went to the site. So, I looked harder. In the "Related Content" links, every single link begins with "Governor Schwarzenegger...."

The Empire is crumbling.



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