May 22, 2008

US: Isolated and Living in Gated Communities

I've written about an analogy between the United States and Bear Stears, in which the other nations abandon the US to be cannibalized. This general theme was getting air play on MSNBC this morning.

First, the MSNBC business reporter noted that, during her recent international travels, representatives from other nations expressed disfavor with what they perceived to be US finger-pointing on current economic problems of food and petrolium prices among other things. She noted that the G-8 nations no longer feel the US has any legitimacy as a gate-keeper to that group. Most interesting, she mentioned the other nations recently met without the US present.

Later, Zbigniew Brzezinski was interviewed, by his daughter who was anchoring for MSNBC. Brzezinski said that US policy is leading toward isolation and a state of living in a figurative "gated community."

In other words, the rest of the world is likely to not only turn its back on the US, it is likely to organize their policy positions to drive the US out of business as the presumptive world leader.

I'll end with an observation about the MSNBC self-promo piece I saw this morning. It in effect seemed to say, "We're informing you, not to keep the US in the position of world leader, but to ensure the Nation simply survives." Since I don't have cable, and rarely watch MSNBC, I'm curious whether others have seen this ad.



libhom said...

I haven't seen the ad, but I will note that the items you mention fit quite well with patterns of empires in decline.

GDAEman said...

We can thank George Bush for accelerating the process. Decline and collapse of the US empire is probably a prerequisite for the human race to advance. So, the sooner the better.

Thanks George!