March 21, 2008

Pew Credibility Problem

OK, maybe my mainstream brain washing is evident when I admit that I assumed the Pew Research Center did respectable work. I recently came across the Pew Global Attitudes Project when researching the US favourability rating.

They had a survey that seemed reasonable to me. But before citing the work, holding to journalistic principles, I checked the source a bit more closely. The note I wrote to Pew, below, tells the rest:

I was about to cite one of your studies in an essay, but as I read the titles of your studies, I got a funny feeling. I sensed an establishment bias.

So I looked more closely and came to realize that Madeline Albright is involved. You should be aware that her lack of credibility is undermining the Pew's work.

Although anecdotal, her involvement with the Carlyle Group and her statement that the death of tens of thousands of Iraqi children due to the economic sanctions was justified undermine her legitimacy as an unbiased voice.

Carlyle Example

So, if Pew thinks having Albright's name associated with its surveys lends credibility, you might reconsider that perspective.


Fade said...

I understand where you are coming from. But seriously, they are probably grasping at straws where they can. Global Attitudes toward America?

They kinda think we suck, more and more, every day, due to our psychotic foreign policy. There's not much good news here to report.

And Albright justifying deaths of children is sickening. But Saddam and Iraq's government had the money and resources to take care of those kids if they had desired to.

libhom said...

fade: during the sanctions, the Iraqi government actually didn't have the resources to take care of those children.

Fade said...

Maybe not the Iraqi Govt by itself, and maybe my bleeding heart idealism is showing here, but Saddam, as the ruling power in Iraq - had plenty of resources at his fingertips if he had desired to actually help his own people-didn't he?

GDAEman said...

yea. they kinda think we suck. And our military has exposed itself as a paper tiger... with lots of heavy weapons.

Thanks for stopp'n by. I've been a little distracted from blogging lately.