March 30, 2008

McCain: Flip-Flopper

Everyone, except corporate media executives, know McCain is a flip-flopper. Do you think the establishment media will ever catch on?

A few examples without commentary, 'cuz I'd probably just be telling you what you already know.

Immigration Reform

Permanent Tax Breaks for the Wealth

Torture Prohibitions

Association with Religious "Agents of Intolerance"

Bob Jones University

For/against Ethanol

Abortion: For/against Roe v Wade

State Promotion of Confederate Flag

Gay Marriage

Sam and Charles Wyly: Were slimy, now supporters

creationism in the classroom: Not OK, IS OK

Being a moderate (actually never was)

Being a straight-talker (not any more)

Is Terry Nelson a flip-flop or just evidence that McCain ISN'T a straight talker? *shrug*?


Not the corporate media. Carpetbagger Report,


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