March 25, 2008

Movie Recommendations

This just in from a contributing writer...

2 movies I want to recommend:

Metropolis(1927), Fritz Lang's recently restored masterpiece pits the workers against the aristocracy. Workers, underground, are consumed by the machinery they toil over to make life wonderful for those who live above ground. Prescient northern/southern hemisphere comment? Who knew silent films could be so passionate?

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919) This one is a bit hard to follow &
I believe a real oiling of the right brain would help one enjoy this
to its fullest capacity, but it takes you down the rabbit hole and
doesn't let you out!! How come they could do that in 1919 without any
computers or special effects?? It's like living in a Dr. Suess
book. In fact, I began to wonder if Theodor Geisel had seen this
movie before writing his many classics.

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