November 13, 2007

Support = Cut Off Funding and Bring Our Troops Home

If I was one of the troops, I'd want the Democrats to take no funding action; no bill, no vote, no veto, no more support for Bush's Iraq occupation policy. That would place the ball back in Bush's court to either leave us in Iraq without resources (his choice and blame on him), or bring us home. The sooner that happens, the less likely I'd end up like Isaac Gallegos, a burned pawn in a rich man's war.

A friend reports that this picture first appeared in the San Antonio Express News last week. There is a multi-million dollar facility for wounded soldiers in San Antonio.
George Bush has been to San Antonio five times as President and he finally had the guts to come by and see the soldiers in rehab. In classic Dubya style, as the picture tells, he seems to find something really amusing. You will note the soldiers in the picture don't look too amused. This one picture says a 1000 words about that man and his presidency.

Link to All of the Pictures.

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