November 1, 2007

Jim Hightower at 2007 Fighting Bob Fest

If you're not familiar with Jim Hightower, you've gotta be. He was introduced to me as the guy who said, "The middle of the road is for yellow lines and dead armadillos." Unlike the wishy washy Democrats, Hightower says, "take sides." He's the kind of guy who, when talking about mixed emotions, quips, "Mixed emotions are when your sixteen year old daughter comes home late from the high school prom with a Gideon Bible under her arm."

He's a funny, irreverent Texan who is helping lead the charge to take back America. He's America's #1 Populist. If you take the time to hear him out, you'll be energized and inspired to join the fight for America's small-d democratic values.

Jim Hightower at the 2007 Fighting Bob Fest

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