November 23, 2007

Challenge the Pentagon Claims

The Pentagon is claiming it is about to run out of money, and that it's the Democrat's fault. As noted in a November 21 OOIBC blog entry, Congressman John Murtha has called the Pentagon's Bluff.

Murtha has taken a risk by doing this. He needs the support of his colleagues in Congress. You can help by writing your Representative.

Here's what I wrote:

Your colleague, Rep. John Murtha, has taken a strong stand and needs your support. He has challenged the truthfulness of Pentagon claims that they are soon to run out of money, and that this is putting US troops in danger. The Pentagon is blaming the Democratic Congress.

The Pentagon claims should be challenged. Please contact the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on my behalf and ask them if it is possible to substantiate the Pentagon claims. Please coordinate your CBO request with the office of Rep. John Murtha.

By asking your representative to contact the CBO, and to coordinate with Murtha's Office, you initiate action and create buzz on Capitol Hill. If we're lucky, the CBO will validate Murtha's assertion that the Pentagon is exaggerating it's claims of running out of money.


Leave a voice mail or send a FAX to Rep. John Murtha. It's vital that he knows he has support on this.

(202) 225-2065 (fill his voice mail box over the holiday weekend)
(202) 225-5709 fax

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