September 19, 2007

Israeli Security Cabinet: Blatant War Criminals

So what's new? There's no additional risk to Israeli decision-makers; they're already war criminals many times over simply for their disproportionate use of force, use of indiscriminate cluster munitions in civilian areas, and collective punishment against Lebanese people in 2006.

So, they have little to loose by declaring the entire geographic region of Gaza an "enemy entity." They think they can create a legal fiction, commit collective punishment by cutting off power and fuel supplies and get away with it. They are wrong.

I'm not alone in condemning Israeli leaders as war criminals on par with the most notorious in history. I boycott Israeli products, and speak freely of their atrocious behavior, their false claims of "good faith". I don't trust Israel at all. They have pushed me to challenge the legitimacy of the Israeli state.

Israel and the US have exposed themselves by blatantly undermining the legitimate results of the elections that gave Hamas a parliamentary majority.

I declare the current US and Israeli governments to be "enemies of democracy."

This isn't a legal fiction. Sufficient evidence exists to prove that this phrase applies to these governments, and continue to be a legal sickle hanging over the necks of specific decision makers after they leave office. They will be prosecuted. We will reclaim our democratic principles, institutions, and power.


Simmons said...

Like I've said before. it doesn't matter if Hamas was legitimately elected or not; they are a terrorist group. If they renounce their crimes and promise not to abuse their position of power, I'm sure Israel and the U.S. would not be against their governing of Gaza.

"I declare the current US and Israeli governments to be "enemies of democracy.""

So because the U.S. and Israel is fighting against a terrorist group who is anti-democratic and pro-caliphate with Sharia law, they're 'anti-democratic'?

Rick said...


Yes, we do a bad job of propping up who we want to be in power. (Noriega, anyone?) However, at 20% of the local population, Muslims are required to take over the populace.

As awful as the U.S. can be at times, it's the best awful place to live; if we don't protect it, the Palestinian problem will come indoors in some way, shape or form.

Rick said...

Oops, I meant "take over governance of the community".

GDAEman said...


Thanks for the visit.

Democracy is undermined if we pick and choose which democratically elected groups we "let" assume power. Furthermore, there is plenty of evidence that the US and Israel use terrorism too; it's not simply collateral damage. The record is full of evidence.

The US is presently on very shaky ground, having initiated an illegal war in Iraq, which in its totality is a form of global terrorism: "Don't cross us or your country could be next." We've lost the moral high ground.

The undermining of a democratically elected parliament by Hamas further erodes our credibility in the hearts and minds of those we must persuade to our way of thinking; those in the middle east who have not yet sided with the caliphate (not that I believe Hamas represents a caliphate... I think they're very religious - no law broken there - and they have not forgiven the West for dictating the creation of Israel in an undemocratic manner).

GDAEman said...


I appreciate your comment.

My understanding of affairs in Israel/Palestine suggest that a small minority of fundamentalist Israeli settlers have undermined peace efforts. The Palestinians have been brutalized: Land taken, houses and old orchards bulldozed, women humiliated at checkpoints, and not as Israeli responses to terrorist acts. The record on this is not in dispute. Any proud, red blooded American male, finding himself under the same oppression as the Palestinians, would be part of the armed resistance. If anything, the American support of the Israeli occupation justifies Palestinian retaliation against the US.

I agree that the US is a great place to live, but that situation is devolving. I'm concerned, however, that our corporations and establishment elites trample on others, stealing their natural resources, rapidly changing their long-held cultures (imagine if China came and bought 40% of your community, walking around with their chests puffed out).

9/11 wasn't random. They attacked a symbol of financial exploitative power and the US military head quarters. I hate to say it, but if we keep "asking for it" we're going to get it. I've traveled over seas. They don't like the US throwing it's corporate weight around. Frankly, I can't blame them. The Israeli/Palestinian situation is a splinter under the world's skin, which is related to this larger corporate globalization framework we are led to believe is inevitable and unchangeable.