September 17, 2007

Blackwater License to be Revoked

Breaking News:

Iraqi Government is going to revoke the license for Blackwater USA to operate in Iraq. According to the Associated Press:

The Iraqi government said Monday that it was revoking the license of an American security firm accused of involvement in the deaths of eight civilians in a firefight that followed a car bomb explosion near a State Department motorcade.

Interior Ministry spokesman Abdul-Karim Khalaf said eight civilians were killed and 13 were wounded when contractors believed to be working for Blackwater USA opened fire in a predominantly Sunni neighborhood of western Baghdad.

"We have canceled the license of Blackwater and prevented them from working all over Iraqi territory. We will also refer those involved to Iraqi judicial authorities."


"Blackwater license being revoked in Iraq,"Associated Press, Sept. 17, 2007, BASSEM MROUE.

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